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Hellboy 2 - The Golden ArmyHellboy 2 - The Golden Army

It started with Iron Man, was followed by The Dark Knight, Thor, The Hulk and an [ ... ]

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The One Man OlympicsThe One Man Olympics

The One Man Olympics is based on a true story-the struggle of Liu Changchun, the [ ... ]

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The Fox and The ChildThe Fox and The Child

After the worldwide success of MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, Luc Jacquet invites us on  [ ... ]

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Our young hero Harry Potter is now 14 years old and is set to leave his Muggle r [ ... ]

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Based on the novel by Elizabeth Taylor, set in England, 1905, Angel Deverell is a gifted young writer who dreams of success, fame and love...

But what will happen if all her dreams come true? Angel, acclaimed director François Ozon's first English language feature tells the story of a destitute-but-determined young woman living in turn-of-the-century England who ascends the social ranks after having written a series of successful romantic novels.

A dreary city tenement provides the backdrop to this tale of exclusion and the magic it takes to become accepted. This is the story of a young woman with an incredible imagination and who refuses to accept the world around her.

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